Parent & Baby 'Learn to Swim Week'

Looking to get your baby started in swimming this Summer, but unsure where to start?


Swimming with your baby is a great bonding experience for you and your child.  Starting swimming lessons at a young age is a great way to continue their natural affinity for a warm watery environment (their home for the first 9 months).

We are offering a free trial of our Parent’s and Bub’s swimming class on Wednesday 6th & 13th September @ 11:30am, Thursday 21st September @ 9am. Please contact the Therese or Chynna at our Centre on 9747 4259 to Book




Our Parent’s and Bub’s swimming classes consist of 2 levels: 

Blue Tongue (4mths – 9mths)

Water Dragons (9mths – 18mths). 

You and your child will be led through different activities focusing on water awareness and water familirisation. 

During this lesson and subsequent lessons, you will be shown:

·         How to hold your baby whilst in the water

·         How to safely submerge your baby (full submersion will not occur during the first lesson, there will be a lead up to this over a number of lessons)

·         To encourage your baby to move through the water

·         To encourage your baby to float

·         Encourage your baby to learn water safety

We are truly passionate about our water safety program, and I have recently had the opportunity to work with Laurie Lawrence and Emma Lawrence (Daughter) on developing our progressive Water Safety presentation that I personally present at local child care Centre’s across the Inner West.  Our combined water safety message is about being safe in and around the water when near or around the pool and the beach.

Water Safety is built into all of our swimming levels.

Laurie was quoted this week (Tuesday 16th August) on the Today Show stating “Babies should be starting swimming lessons from 4 – 6 months old as they are less floppy, they have good neck control, parents are more experienced at handling their child and they have had their vaccinations.”  Laurie Lawrence on Today Show, Tuesday morning 16/8/2017

Laurie Lawrence, Australia’s water safety ( advocate and baby teaching expert has been researching and documenting infant learn to swim since 1975. During this time, he has also anecdotally observed infants and young children receive numerous benefits from participating in learn-to-swim programs. 

Laurie Lawrence, believes learning to swim from infancy will:

  • Teach children a respect for the water making them less likely to wander into dangerous situations.

  • Improve children’s physical development, coordination, health, fitness and muscle tone.
  • Build children’s independence, confidence and social skills.
  • Teach children a love of the water – a gift for life.

Teach children a skill which may one day save their life.”


Our pool is indoor, heated (32 degrees) and mineral salt water.  We offer a warm atmosphere which is not noisy and daunting like a big aquatic centre.  We have a changing area, shower, bathroom and pram access.


We are located within Croydon Tennis Centre – 43 Brighton Street Croydon.