If you have heard the term “learning difficulties before: did you know that this title only represents approximately 10% of school age children?

Learning difficulties

For many students the “difficulty” only arises because their learning style is different to the way they are being taught.

Is your child a

.....Visual Learner

.....Auditory leaner

.....Kinesthetic learner

If you don’t know, it okay, because at Croydon we do! We provide your child with the teaching environment they need to succeed! Our Student Centred Pedagogy means that we tailor our tutoring time with your child to suit THEM.

Many other tutoring and after school programs focus on the classes they have been dictated; here at Croydon we’ve created our very own program!

Based on the k-6 syllabus as outlined by the board of studies NSW our program has been made by us, for us to be exclusively used to help our students. Our program is exactly what your child is expected to learn at school, but there is a difference- we TEACH it differently.

We have a variety of resources to use to teach your child based on their best learning style, whether it is Visual, Auditory or even Kinesthetic!


Learning Styles of school age children

Visual Learners: approximately 65%

Auditory Learners: approximately 30%

Kinesthetic learners: 5%

In spite of these figures transmission learning is the most common teaching style within classrooms, which focuses on listening and responding to auditory directions. 

So if your child has found it difficult to follow what they learn in a classroom, it could just be that they are part of the 70% of students whose needs may not be met by the type of learning style they are exposed to!


What WE do at Croydon:

We meet with you and your child in person.

We discuss what YOU see as a parent.

We test your child to discover heir learning style.

We tutor them in a classroom environment in the teaching style that THEY will respond to best.


Our class sizes are kept as small as possible to allow plenty of one-on-one attention.