CTC Ladder - Singles

Casual and most flexible way of participating in Tennis competition.

CTC Ladder is for all tennis enthusiasts wanting to compete in a game of singles against other like minded tennis players without having to commit to lengthy ongoing competitions generally taking up your limited free time on the weekend.  The ladders is also a great way of advancing your game and your ranking, with the aim of eventually reaching the top of the  Ladder.

The ranking system is managed online. This system will keep a record of all match statistics including your win/ loss ratio, number of games etc.

Players are responsible for organising matches themselves.

The online management system allows all participants to be able to see their current ranking and it will also allow messages to be sent via email to other participants.

Rules and Definitions

1 set to 6 games (tiebreak at 6 all)

Ranking - "Leap Frog" - this means that if a player challenges another player with a higher ranking and wins, they automatically claim their ranking place on the Ladder.

Challenging - within the radius of 5 ranking places - each player has 3 free challenges (meaning they can challenge another player outside of this radius)

Cost- Share of the court hire cost (a general courtesy applies that the challenger books a court)


All other details are available on

The best thing about taking part in the CTC Ladder is that YOU will CHOOSE HOW OFTEN and WHEN you participate.Obviously the more you participate, the higher the chance of moving up the Ladder... :)

All you need to do is to Express Your Interest and let us know your ITN number.

We will then add your details to our Online Management System and you will be sent email advising on how to create your player's account.