Tennis & Swimming - Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Tennis Centre (Croydon Tennis Centre - CTC) and the Swimming School (Funfitness Swim School - FSS) are as follows:-


The Tennis Centre (Croydon Tennis Centre - CTC) and the Swimming School (Funfitness Swim School - FSS) aim to provide a range of services delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals to the broader community.  The Tennis Centre (Croydon Tennis Centre - CTC) and the Swimming School (Funfitness Swim School - FSS) are registered and affiliated with the leading governing industry bodies for both Tennis and Swimming.

Application of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions ('Terms') provide you with an opportunity to purchase various products and services ('Products') that have been offered for sale by the Tennis Centre (Croydon Tenns Centre - CTC) and the Swimming School (Funfitness Swim School - FSS) either directly or via and ('Website') 

Before you make a purchase from or access the Website, we recommend you read the full Terms and Conditions for the Tennis Centre (Croydon Tennis Centre - CTC) and the Swimming School (Funfitness Swim School - FSS). 

By enrolling into any program you agree to have read and agreed to all of the outlined terms and conditions.


Enrolments will only be accepted with payment at the commencement of each term.  Placement in group or private coaching programs is not secure until payment is received in full. 

We can provide a direct debit method of payment, payment plans/options can be requested prior to the commencement of term.

Discounted rates for private lessons only apply to members (please refer to Membership for further information).

An automatic "late payment" fee of $40 per week from Week 2 will be charged to all outstanding accounts.

Non payment of term fees will result in refusal of services and lessons attendances util all fess are paid in full.

Cancellations - Group and Private Lessons

CTC and FSS are under no obligation to make-up missed or cancelled lessons.

Group make up lessons are only available in Term 2 and Term 3.  For Private lessons, please email the office to arrange a make up lesson that suits the coach availability.

CTC and FSS reserve the right to limit make-up lessons to 2 per term.

Make Up lessons will only be issued in the event of illness and under the following guidelines:-

  1. Term fees are paid in full;
  2. 24 hours prior notice by phone call and in writing to with a valid medical certificate produced before the following class attendance. Failure to give such notice will result in 100% of the lesson fee being payable.
  3. Only where a vacancy exists;
  4. Where a student has not exceeded their maximum of 2 makeup lesson per term;

These sessions cannot be credited or deducted from fees and it is your obligation to attend the rescheduled make-up lesson time advised.

Make up lessons can be booked from week 3 of term and will not be carried forward to the next term.

When booking a make-up lesson please ensure that the time is suitable. Once booked, a make-up lesson cannot be changed.

A $50 administration fee for all term cancellations.

Exceptions will not be made so we kindly ask that you adhere to the policy to avoid disappointment of refusal.



Full payment for services must be paid in advance by credit card, direct debit, direct deposit or cash.

All Fees are non refundable

No refunds can be provided for termly classes for abscences, wet weather, extreme heat or change of mind.

Class occupancy is a major factor in determining whether or not a class will need to be cancelled. In the event that your class is not 60% full, CTC and FSS reserves the right to contact you to change class times and / or teachers, or to combine or cancel classes if necessary.

A $10 administration fee will be charged where alterations are requested by a customer for a group or private lesson time during a term.

A $20 administration fee will be charged for all refunds in addition to any other fees for charged for cancellations.

A $50 administration fee for all term cancellations.   

Medical Considerations 

Please inform the Centre Office of any medical considerations relating to your chiild. This information is important to the instructor ensuring all necessary action is taken to ensure the safety of your child and other children. 

In the case of an extended illness or injury resulting in more than 2 missed lessons, please contact the Centre Office in writing with a valid medical certificate and we will discuss options available to you. 

Wet Weather

Wet weather is when the courts are completely washed out.

CTC does not control the weather, nor is responsible for the weather conditions.

  1. CTC is under no obligation to make-up missed/washed out lessons nor to credit them for future terms. 
  2. Where possible, wet weather cancellations will be delivered via SMS, email or phone as soon as possible prior to the scheduled lesson. Please note we do not contol the weather.  
  3. Customers are not to assume that lessons are cancelled due to wet weather.
  4. If half the normal lesson time is completed then halted due to rain, this counts as a full lesson.
  5. Group lessons – CTC reserves the right to combine activities or classes on wet weather days.  These lessons cannot be credited, deducted from fees or carried over to the next term.

Make Up Lessons

Make up lessons due to wet weather or other cancellations will be offered and posted on our website.  It is your obligation to book the make up lesson from the offered sessions and attend the rescheduled make-up lesson time.  

  1. In the event of wet weather - ALL HOTSHOT/JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT lessons & squad may be limited to 1 (ONE) make-up per term during a morning at tennis camp.
  2. (Adult Make-up classes are strictly 2 (TWO) per term which must be booked in the current term, or during one session at the adult tennis camp, when sessions are posted. Failure to book your make-up lesson will result in forteiture. 
  3. CTC reserves the right to limit make-up lessons to 1 per term where necessary.
  4. Credits/refunds will not be provided due to change of mind or where you have not read the terms and conditions of service.

NB:- Make Up Lessons

  1. Will not be carried over to the next term,
  2. Are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  3. Credits will not be issued for make up lessons.
  4. Once booked cannot be changed.
  1. Term Fees must be paid in full to be eligible.

Customers, it is your responsibility to ensure your contact details are current and up to date in the booking system

Extreme Heat

CTC coaches will modify lessons appropriately on very hot days. If there is extreme heat we refer to our Extreme Heat policy as per Tennis Australia Guidelines, cancellation of the lesson may occur at the discretion of the centre and a make up lesson will be held.

CTC reserves the right to limit make-up lessons to 1 per term where necessary.


Expire after three months (90 days) from the time the initial credit is granted or until such a time as CTC and FSS ceases trading/operating at its present location. CTC and FSS does not refund any unused Credits. The onus is on players to use credits within the specified time period.

Holiday Camp and Holiday Intensive Swimming Programs

By enrolling your child(ren) in our Holiday Camp you agree:

  1. Full payment is required at time of booking to secure your child’s place (no refunds issued for change of mind). Places are not held subject to payment, no exceptions will be made.
  2. At the time of booking and payment, all medical conditions must be advised and sent through in writing, with relevant documentation attached. If medication is required, a medication authority form will need to be completed. 
  3. A $50 administration fee for each child per day will be charged on booking changes, a minimum of 72 hours notification is required in writing. No refund or credit will be issued. 
  4. A credit will be applied only in the event a valid medical certificate is provided in writing via email a minimum of 24 hours prior to booking commencement.
  5. Booking cancellations under 72 hours will not receive a credit.
  6. No credits will be given for non attendance on full week bookings. Full week bookings cannot be spread over different weeks.
  7. Drop off and pick up your child(ren) according to the scheduled times (otherwise an additional charges as follows will apply:-
  8. If your child is dropped off before 8:45am a $10 before care fee will be charged.
  9. Notification is required if your child will not be collected by 3pm. Your child will be transferred to our aftercare service at 3:10pm regardless of the late notification provided.
  10. A $10 Non Notification fee will be charged at 3.10pm if we have not been notified.
  11. A $30 after care fee will be charged. (From 6pm an additional charge will apply of $25:00 per child plus $1:00 per minute per child to cover the cost of the staff who need to stay at the centre with your child).
  12. The confidential enrolment information collected and maintained on CTC database is only used by staff to contact you regarding your child’s participation.
  13. If required CTC may change the venue and/or program due to weather or other factors beyond our control. 
  14. We are a device free enviroment, all mobile devices and electronics must be handed in at sign-in and will be returned at sign-out.
  15. CTC has a zero tollerance for racism, reverse racism, bullying, harrasment, physical and/or verbal agression, and disrespect to any member of staff and other children.
  16. Cancellation of enrolment will occur without refund if your child(ren) violate(s) the CTC’s code of conduct.
  17. You agree that your child has been booked into the appropriate holiday program as follows:
  • Prep Gross Motor Skills Camp- Ages 3 - 5 (9am - 12pm) 
  • ANZ Tennis HotShots/Multisport Camp - Ages 5 - 8 (9am - 3pm)
  • ANZ Tennis HotShots/Multisport Camp - Ages 9+ (9am - 3pm)
  • Junior Development Camp - Ages 6+ (Orange Ball - Green Ball Level) (9am - 3pm)
  • High Performance Camp - Yellow Ball (9am - 3pm)

You agree that Pallamar Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Croydon Tennis Centre, ABCXYZ Pty Ltd aft The trustee for Future Fund t/as Funfitness its directors and employees are released absolutely from all liability and responsibility for injury, damages, illness, accident, death or loss of property howsoever arising which may occur to my child/children at any time during tennis camps and hereby agree to indemnify Pallamar Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Croydon Tennis Centre, ABCXYZ Pty Ltd aft The trustee for Future Fund t/as Funfitness from and against all liability damage claims, actions and costs of defending such claims and actions whatsoever in respect thereof. Children may be transported for wet weather alternatives. Allow Pallamar Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Croydon Tennis Centre, ABCXYZ Pty Ltd aft The trustee for Future Fund t/as Funfitness to take photographs and/or videos of your child(ren) in the program for the use in promotional material, advertising and publicity of our classes and activities only. Allow Pallamar Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Croydon Tennis Centre, ABCXYZ Pty Ltd aft The trustee for Future Fund t/as Funfitness to obtain medical assistance if required and to reimburse Croydon Tennis Centre for any expenses related.