TERM                         Term 1 2024
Start Monday 29th January 2024
Ends Sunday 14th April 2024
TERM                       Term 2 2024
Start Monday 29th April 2024
Ends Sunday 7th July 2024
TERM                            Term 3 2024
Start Monday 22nd July 2024
Ends Sunday 29th September 2024
TERM                             Term 4 2024
Start Monday 14th October 2024
Ends Sunday 15th December 2024

Our junior tennis coaching empowers young players to develop their skills in a supportive environment. Innovative teaching methods combined with modified equipment mean that every child develops appropriate skills and is able to play a game of tennis from the very beginning.

All tennis coaching terms are 9/10/11 weeks in duration subject to school term.

*In case of lessons being cancelled due to public holidays or poor weather conditions, refer to Make Up classes page



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Inner West Courier Article

As a Tennis Australia ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Deliverer we specialise in early child development from age 3+. By using innovative teaching methods combined with modified equipment we always make sure that every Tennis Hot Shots Program participant develops appropriate skills and is able to play a game of tennis from the very beginning.

Our Junior Giants Tennis Program caters for all players having gone through our Tennis Hot Shots Program or those not having any previous tennis experience who are older than 12.


Thank you Croydon Tennis Centre.....

Sunday 21st February 2016

Thank You Croydon Tennis Centre, especially Yann and the team.  Their coacing instruction and finer tips help you play easy tennis.

It's just about making the game easy, greatness comes by itself.

Myself Bharath Nadaraj and my son Master Sachin Bharath have really shown great improvement by these coaches.

Thank You again and Happy Tennis (^_^)

Bharath Nadaraj.

George Koletsios comments below on his experience with the Tennis Hot Shots Program so far......

Monday, 25 October 2010 7:06 AM

My daughter Georgia, now 5 years old, began coaching at Croydon Tennis Centre in February 2010.

I am very happy with the approach of the coaches and management alike. The coaching is very well organised and structured based on the principles of the Tennis Hot Shots Junior Development program, so that Georgia gets the most effective training and learning during her lesson.

Georgia has picked this sport up very well, and her knowledge and skill set increases with every session. Georgia has great enthusiasm for playing Tennis and very much looks forward to her session. This is not only because of her enjoyment of the game but because of the way her coach teaches her. Georgia's approach and enthusiasm for the sport is a direct result of the positive and friendly approach of her coach and the staff at Croydon Tennis Centre.

Georgia's coach has impressed me because he has developed a really good rapport with Georgia by enjoying a laugh with her from time to time without compromising the lesson or his professionalism. I asked Georgia what she thinks of her coach , Georgia responded with "I like him because he is happy, funny, and a good teacher". Georgia enjoys talking about her experience at the Centre so much that her body language changes every time someone asks her about her tennis. Georgia with excitement recounts what she learnt and it is evident that she really enjoys her time at the centre.

My personal experience with Croydon Tennis Centre has been rewarding. Watching Georgia play the sport is exciting for me because it is special experience watching your child play a sport they enjoy and become good at. The Centre provides first class coaching and coupled with the friendliness and professionalism of the team will be the reason why I believe our relationship with the Centre will be a long term one. I have been referring Croydon Tennis Centre to all my family and friends and I highly recommend this Tennis Centre to anyone.



  • One or two weekly tennis lesson's

  • CTC Weekly competition suitable for all levels from Red 1, 2, 3, Orange 1 & Green
  • Generally first experience with tennis coaching 
  • You will learn the basics of tennis including the basic strokes and tactical fundamentals 

Develop - Junior Development Squad Program


  • Two weekly Junior Development Squad sessions 

  • More repetition allows for quicker and more effective progress 
  • You will learn all fundamentals needed to take your tennis to the next level, playing competitively 

Perform - Performance Squad Program


  • Two weekly performance squad sessions

  • One weekly Technical session
  • Speed & Agility session
  • Weekly Competition, Hots Shots League and Tournaments
  • Regular competing makes you more capable of using the skills you learn tactically appropriate way 



  • Regular Junior Weekly Competition and Hot Shots League

  • CTC Hot Shots Challenges
  • Tennis NSW Hot Shots Calendar events
  • Sanctioned tournaments