Kids Tennis Wear

Five years into our programme and with many requests from parents, the demand has now allowed us to be able to launch our new Kids Tennis Uniform.  Time has been taken to design these outfits to incorporate our company logo and colours.  We are now pleased to offer the finished product and to purchase your childs outfit. 

All sizes are currently available in our pro shop, so pop in and have your child(ren) try them on for size. You can speak to us directly at the centre on 9747 4259.

Boys Set: T-shirt/Shorts                                    Hats and Sun Visors

Sizes 4 - 6       $70 per set

Sizes 8 - 10     $75 per set

Sizes 12 - 14   $80 per sethats and sun visors

boys set: t-shirt / shorts

Girls Tennis dress incl under dress shorties            Girls Set: T-shirt and skort

Sizes 4 - 6       $70 per set                                                Size 6        $70 per set

Sizes 8 - 10     $75 per set                                                Size 8 - 10  $75 per set

Sizes 12 - 14   $80 per set                                                Size 12 - 14 $85 per set                                                                                                                   

girls tennis dress incl. under dress shorties                                           girls tennis dress