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FunFitness Swim School located at Croydon Tennis Centre offers AUSTswim and Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs for all levels and ages. Group classes start children from as young as 4 months of age through to adults.  For those who have never really mastered water confidence, we also offer one on one private lessons.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs, in conjunction with all of our other tennis, fitness and vacation care programs will open up wonderful opportunities for healthy, fun, personal achievement and independence for your family, in a safe, friendly, family oriented environment at Croydon Tennis Centre.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim terms coincide with the school terms and tennis terms, and are based on a 10 week/$260 per term.  All classes are 30 minutes in duration. All swimmers above Tadpole require a swim cap and goggles for lessons. These can be purchased at our Pro Shop.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs operate seven (7) days a week and we offer quality structured swimming programs designed to develop confidence, skill level and water safety for all students.

All instructors are AUSTswim and/or Swim Australia qualified. FunFitness is registered with AUSTswim and Swim Australia. Lessons are conducted in our fully enclosed mineral saltwater indoor pool heated to 32 degrees celcius where we provide a safe, healthy and fun environment to enable our students to improve their skills.

Our learn to swim programs are graded according to skill level through assessment.

Be sure to check with your health fund about claiming back a portion of the cost of your learn to swim lessons.  For more information CLICK HERE.

FunFitness Swim School is registered to accept Active Kids and First Lap vouchers from Service NSW.



TERM                         Term 1 2024
Start Monday 29th January 2024
Ends Sunday 14th April 2024
TERM                    Term 2 2024
Start Monday 29th April 2024
Ends Sunday 7th July 2024
TERM                            Term 3 2024
Start Monday 22nd July 2024
Ends Sunday 29th September 2024
TERM                           Term 4 2024
Start Monday 14th October 2024
Ends Sunday 15th December 2024

Infant Learn to Swim Program (Ages 4 months - 18 months)

Water Dragon (4-18 mths)

Water Dragon is our parent and bay class! Our Instructor will focus on water familiarisation and safety skills through songs and play based activities. Parents take their child through the activities under the direction of the Instructor. Lessons focus on skill development of kicking, paddling, floating and submersions with the aim of being able to move short distances both above and below the water.

Parent accompanies child in water.
Groups of 4-8

Toddler Learn to Swim Program (Ages 18 months - 3 years)


Tadpole is designed for children between 18 months and 3 years. This is the first step for children to be in lessons without their parent in the water. Children will learn water familiarisation and water safety skills which are introduced through songs and play based activities. Children will begin to be comfortable with submersion under water; floating on their back with assistance from their teacher. By the time they graduate Tadpole level, they will be confident enough in their lessons to be able to participate without their parents. 
Parent may accompany child in water for approximately 3 weeks.
Groups of 4

Little Turtle

Little Turtle is our transition stage between our Infant Aquatics program and our Preschool - School age program, designed for children aged 3 years and above. This level focuses on water familiarity and water safety. Children learn important skills such as monkey walk, safe entry into the pool and controlling falls with return to the wall. Children also learn to float on their backs and practice blowing bubbles. In this level, children receive assistance throughout their learning journey.
Groups of 4

Preschool and School Age Learn to Swim Program (Ages 3+ years)


Turtle is for children who are comfortable in the water and submerging full head. Children are progressing to torpedo, monkey walk as well as jump and return to the walls unassisted, both back and front float unassisted, kicking with a board for 4m, paddle to the instructor, kicking on their back with the board and working towards straight legs. Your child will be comfortable picking rings from the shallow end of the pool with assistance.
Groups of 4


Penguin is suited to children who are comfortable and confident in the water.Progressing to the second level of our learn-to-swim program, children will aim to achieve the skill of floating unassisted on both their front and back. They will also focus on swimming a distance of 6 metres, utilising paddling techniques with their head up and head down. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of freestyle swimming, mastering streamlines and flutter kicks. Children will learn to kick on their backs without relying on a board and practice transitioning from a front to back survival swim. By completion of Penguin level, your child will be able to swim independently for short distances with their face in the water and will be able to float on their back without aid.
Groups of 4


Jellyfish is the third level of our learn to swim program. Jellyfish is designed to extend and strengthen the skills of very confident children. Children will be placed in Jellyfish if they are able to swim short to medium distances with their face in the water and are able to float on their back independently. Jellyfish students will learn to how to move through the water in a streamline body position and will strengthen their kick on both their front and back. Seated and kneeling diving will be introduced at this stage. Children will graduate Jellyfish as very strong swimmers. They will be able to swim 12 metres or more independently on both their front and back. They will also learn important survival skills such as rolling from their front to their back to breathe.
Groups of 4


This is a transition level, with the aim being to continue developing the confidence in independent swimming through the introduction of basic freestyle and backstroke skills.
Groups of 4


The fourth level of our learn to swim program. Starfish class is designed for children who are extremely strong swimmers, but are yet to learn any stroke technique. In Starfish class, children will learn to propel themselves though the water in a new way – through the long pulling, strong kicking, rolling to breathe actions that constitute freestyle. Children will graduate Starfish class with a good, basic freestyle technique.
Groups of 4


The fifth level of our learn to swim program. Seahorse class is for children who have a good, basic freestyle technique, and may have some knowledge of backstroke. In Seahorse class, children will strengthen their technique in freestyle, and will learn backstroke. By graduation of seahorse class, children will be able to swim approximately 25 metres of both freestyle an backstroke with good, strong technique.
Group of 4-6


The sixth level of our learn to swim program. Seal class is designed for children who are strong in freestyle and backstroke, and are ready for the new challenge of breaststroke. Children will learn to propel themselves through the water in a new and efficient way, by learning the whip kick and breaststroke pull. Children will graduate Seal with strong technique in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.
Groups of 4-6


The seventh level of our learn to swim level. Dolphin class is for students who can swim with great strength and proficiency in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and are ready for the ultimate challenge – Learning Butterfly. Children will continue to strengthen all their strokes, whilst learning great butterfly technique. Dolphin graduates have good knowledge and strong technique in all strokes, and are ready for our mini-squad class, Marlin.
Groups of 4-6.


The eighth level in our learn to swim program. Marlin class is designed for very strong swimmers who are proficient in all four strokes. This is an hour long mini-squad class which focuses heavily on stroke correction and race technique - including, dives, turns, starts and finishes. 
Groups of 4-10

Teen Classes

Teen Learn to Swim- Classes have been designed for older children and teens with no swimming ability and would like to improve their stroke. This is a 45min class that gives teens and older children confidence in the water as well as teaching them water safety. 

Adult Classes

Adult Learn to Swim- Classes have been designed for adults with no swimming ability and would like to improve their stroke.

Adult Stroke Development- These classes are for adults who have some swimming ability and would like to improve their technique.

Private & Special Needs- One to one instruction for any age and any ability is available, suiting those people who desire extra attention.