Learn To Swim

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Funfitness Swim School located at Croydon Tennis Centre offers AUSTswim and Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs for all levels and ages.  Classes start children from as young as 4 months of age through to adults.  For those who have never really mastered water confidence, we also offer one on one private lessons.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs, in conjunction with all of our other tennis, fitness and vacation care programs will open up wonderful opportunities for healthy, fun, personal achievement and independence for your family, in a safe, friendly, family oriented environment at Croydon Tennis Centre.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim terms coincide with the school terms and tennis terms, and are based on a 10 week/$185 per term.  All classes are 30 minutes in duration.

Our AUSTswim/Swim Australia approved learn to swim programs operate seven (7) days a week and we offer quality structured swimming programs designed to develop confidence, skill level and water safety for all students.

All instructors are AUSTswim and/or Swim Australia qualified. Funfitness is registered with AUSTswim and Swim Australia. Lessons are conducted in our fully enclosed mineral saltwater indoor pool heated to 32 degrees celcius where we provide a safe, healthy and fun environment to enable our students to improve their skills.

Our learn to swim programs are graded according to skill level through assessment.

Be sure to check with your health fund about claiming back a portion of the cost of your learn to swim lessons.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Term 3 - BOOK NOW or call 9747 4259 (23rd July to 29th September 2018)

Infant Aquatics

Blue Tongue (4-9 mths): - Parent and child are introduced to water familiarisation and water safety.  The parent and child will be guided by a teacher in how to hold their child in the water, submersion techniques, floating, kicking and paddling skills.  Groups of 8


Water Dragon (9-18 mths): - Parent and child will focus on improving their water familiarisation and water safety skills.  Lessons will focus on the skill development of kicking, paddling, floating and submersions with the aim of being able to move short distances through the water, unaided.  Groups of 8.



Preschool and School age Learn to Swim


Turtles: - The first level of our learn to swim program. Turtle class is suited to all children under the age of 3, and any older children who are nervous in the water. Turtle lessons are lots of fun, and will give your child a great base for their future of swimming by fostering a love of the water. By the completion of Turtle level, your child will be comfortable submerging under water and floating on their back with assistance from their teacher. They will also be able to kick, paddle, and blow bubbles whilst swimming with a flotation device. Note: ALL children from 18 months to 3 years are suited to, and will be placed in, Turtle class, as well as any older children who are nervous swimmers.


Penguin:- The second level of our learn to swim program. Penguin class is suited to children who are comfortable and confident in the water, but cannot yet swim independently. Children will progress towards swimming and floating independently, and will learn important swim-to-survive skills. By completion of Penguin level, your child will be able to swim independently for short distances with their face in the water, and will be able to float on their back without aid.


Jelly Fish The third level of our learn to swim program. Jellyfish class is designed to extend and strengthen the skills of very confident children. Children will be placed in Jellyfish class if they are able to swim short to medium distances with their face in the water, and are able to float on their back independently, but are yet to master streamlines and flutter kicks. Jellyfish students will learn to how to move through the water in a streamline body position and will strengthen their kick on both their front and back. Children will graduate Jellyfish level as very strong swimmers. They will be able to swim 12 metres or more independently on both their front and back. They will also learn important survival skills such as rolling from their front to their back to breathe.


Starfish - The fourth level of our learn to swim program. Starfish class is designed for children who are extremely strong swimmers, but are yet to learn any stroke technique. In Starfish class, children will learn to propel themselves though the water in a new way – through the long pulling, strong kicking, rolling to breathe actions that constitute freestyle. Children will graduate Starfish class with a good, basic freestyle technique. 

Seahorse: The fifth level of our learn to swim program. Seahorse class is for children who have a good, basic freestyle technique, and may have some knowledge of backstroke. In Seahorse class, children will strengthen their technique in freestyle, and will learn backstroke. By graduation of seahorse class, children will be able to swim approximately 25 metres of both freestyle an backstroke with good, strong technique.



Seals:The sixth level of our learn to swim program. Seal class is designed for children who are strong in freestyle and backstroke, and are ready for the new challenge of breaststroke. Children will learn to propel themselves through the water in a new and efficient way, by learning the whip kick and breaststroke pull. Children will graduate Seal with strong technique in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke.


Dolphins:The seventh level of our learn to swim level. Dolphin class is for students who can swim with great strength and proficiency in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and are ready for the ultimate challenge – Learning Butterfly. Children will continue to strengthen all their strokes, whilst learning great butterfly technique. Dolphin graduates have good knowledge and strong technique in all strokes, and are ready for our mini-squad class, Marlin.

Marlin:- –  The eighth level in our learn to swim program. Marlin class is designed for very strong swimmers who are proficient in all four strokes. This is an hour long mini-squad class which focuses heavily on stroke correction and race technique - including, dives, turns, starts and finishes. 



Adult Classes

Adult Learn to Swim: - Classes have been designed for adults with no swimming ability and would like to improve their stroke.

Adult Stroke Development: - These classes are for adults who have some swimming ability and would like to improve their technique.

Private & Special Needs: - One to one instruction for any age and any ability is available, suiting those people who desire extra attention.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday  
  1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2  
8:00am                     Penguin Little Turtles   Little Turtles 8:00am
8:30am                     Pvt Tadpole Pvt Penguin 8:30am
9:00am Little Turtle     Turtles    Tadpole     Turtles        Little Turtle   Turtles Turtles Little Turtles 9:00am
9:30am Turtles     Turtles     Turtles   Penguin    Penguin   Little Turtle Blue Tongue Turtles Water Dragon 9:30am
10:00am Jellyfish   Little Turtles     Pvt   Pvt Jellyfish   Starfish  Water Dragon   Seahorse   Penguin 10:00am
10:30am Turtles    Jellyfish        Water Dragon     Little Turtles  



 Break Seals   Turtles 10:30am
11:00am                  Turtles   Little Turtles Jellyfish   Starfish    11:00am
11:30am                      Seahorse  Penguin Seahorse Little Turtles 11:30am
12:00pm                     Break Turtle  12.00 Adults (45min) 


12.30 Adults (45min)

12:30pm                     Turtles Sels


1:00pm                     Turtles   Starfish    1.15 Adults (45min) 1:00pm
1:30pm                     1.30pm Adults (45min)    Pvt 1:30pm
2:00pm                     Pvt       2:00pm
2:30pm                     Pvt       2:30pm
3:00pm                             3:00pm
3:30pm      Pvt Pvt  Seahorse       Pvt         3:30pm
4:00pm Penguin   Starfish Seahorse     Turtles    Starfish    Starfish Penguin Starfish           4:00pm
4:30pm Jellyfish   Seahorse Starfish Jellyfish  Seahorse   Jellyfish  Seahorse   Dolphin             4:30pm
5:00pm Jellyfish  Seals Seahorse     Seahorse  Dolpins     Starfish Seals Pvt             5:00pm
5:30pm Pvt Pvt Turtle Seals     Dolphins Penguin  Pvt           5:30pm
6:00pm Marlin   Teen Turtles


Pvt   pvt               6:00pm
6:30pm             Pvt           6:30pm
7:00pm 7pm Adults (45mins)     7pm Adults (45mins)      7pm Adults (45mins)               7:00pm


  7.45 Adults (45mins)           7.30 Adults (45mins)           7:30pm