About The Service

About the Service 

Why choose Croydon tennis centre OOSH for Before Care, After School Care and Vacation Care?

We are a small 60 place independent service who care about our families and children, we are located in the heart of Croydon.  

Set amongst amazing grounds with access to tennis and swimming facilities, adjacent to parklland and playground, we are able to offer children the opportunitiy to explore the natural environement and be involved in developing and furthering their knowledge in sustainable environments through permaculture.

This will be a big part of our garden to table initiative in educating children about sustainabiliy through our Grow, Harvest Prepare and share program.

Our service was opened to meet the needs of working families in the local community;

  • to provide high quality before school care, after school care and vacation care services that provide unique opportunities for children to be engaged in various extra circular activities, encouraging and promoting health and wellbeing;
  • to meet the growing needs of working families through extended service hours, meal inclusion, teacher assisted homework and prloject completion;
  • additional onsite offerings such as tutoring, music lessons, coding classes, robotics, swimming lessons, tennis lessons and more;

Croydon Tennis Centre OOSH strives to create a fun, challenging, creative environment where children are inspired to learn new skills and meet new friends in our safe and bright service.

The service is approved to accomodate up to 60 children for before, after school care and vacation care during the school holidays.  Our service is opperated daily by qualified staff members and the program we offer each term is stimulating, interesting and exciting, but also allows time for children to direct their own activites.

Children’s interests are the foundation of our programs. Activities are structured to include activities children choose to do, developing their independence and life skills.

Within our program we follow the school age program 'My Time Our Place' including the principals, practices and outcomes:-

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of well being
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Chilren are effective communicators