Service Philosophy


Croydon Tennis centre OOSH recognizes that middle childhood is the important stage that bridges the chasm between early childhood and adolescence.  Staff at CTCOOSH work together to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging, providing interactions that foster social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through a fun play based program. The program provides opportunities for children to expand on their current skills and be able extend their abilities in areas that they are specifically interested in.

  • The program offers safe challenges, opportunities for decision making and leadership, with individual and group activities designed to foster positive self-esteem and confidence, whilst encouraging independence and autonomy.  We believe by showing respect towards children this promotes positive behaviour and strong relationships between children and staff.

  • CTC OOSH values and respects each child's uniqueness and is inclusive of all children.

  • CTC OOSH recognizes the importance and diversity of families and values each family's involvement at the centre.

  • We promote children’s sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing. We engage in continual improvement to ensure our knowledge and skills are abreast of any recent changes and meet best practice principles. We adhere to a curriculum based on My Time Our Place (school age framework) and the latest guidelines and regulations.

  • CTC OOSH management values a collaborative approach to service provision, consulting with staff, children, families and the community on relevant matters.

  • CTC OOSH acknowledges and values staff, for their skills and experience and for their consistency in interactions with the children.

  • CTC OOSH is committed to inclusive and equitable practices.

    As Educators We Believe Children:

    Should have the opportunity to extend on their development in a happy and safe environment.

    Children are given the opportunity to extend on their curiosity with in the service by problem solving and experimenting.

    Children are supported within the program to extend on physical and creative development. In providing high quality care for all children and families where they feel safe and supported.

    All children and families can contribute to the services program and routine.
    providing a fun and nutritional menu catering for all dietary needs and promoting healthy eating.

  • For the Families We Believe

    All family’s beliefs should be respected and listened to within the service to help the children to feel comfortable in environment and to provide opportunities to collaborate to provide consistent care for all children should be provided for families to contribute and engage with center activities.

    For the Community We Believe:

    CTC OOSH will work with the school and the wider community develop positive relationships and involvement within the community. Developing effective cooperative relationships.  A variety of community pamphlets are on offer for children and families to take from the service to help them know what is happening in the community. Educators work with the families, children, school to help make transitions easy for all involved.



To provide a safe, friendly, relaxed environment.

To provide high quality care that meets individual needs.
To provide a Program where children are given the opportunity to further their skills in areas of their interest by offering specific programs

To work in collaboration with children, families, staff, management and the community.

To extend on children interests by offering a variety of programs aimed at children’s interests to expand on their skills.


Our Values:

Our values should be reflected in every aspect of our business. We strongly believe that these core values should clearly underpin our relationship with our customers, and our partners. It is important that we excel and measure our ability as a business to maintain the principles of these values in everything that we are involved in or a part of.

We're respectful of others

We are respectful of others and are approachable in everything we do. We understand that people have different backgrounds and have varying objectives that they want to achieve, so we are respectful of this, making sure that we achieve mutually beneficial solutions through our open approach. Through the respect that we have for our broader community, we strive to deliver a WIN-WIN situation at all times.

We're trustworthy in what we do

We deliver what we say we're going to do - changes are inevitable but we strive to ensure that as we implement changes they are communicated appropriately.
Additionally, because we handle important customer information, we ensure that our processes and technologies are secure and our approach is honest.

We deliver program and service leadership

Our delivery programs are industry recognised both locally, nationally and internationally, and this innovative approach means that we are continually striving to be the best in program and service delivery. Additionally, leadership also means a personal quality where we take ownership of our initiatives to deliver exceptional service outcomes.

We show commitment in everything we do

We are committed to working with our customers, old and new, partners and suppliers to deliver great outcomes that show the energy and belief we have in our programs and services.
We'd like people to come away from their experience with The Employer thinking that we're an exceptional centre - with a great team demonstrating, leadership skills, a friendly, committed approach offering something different from the average.

We have fabulous people and fresh ideas to deliver fun activities

We like a challenge, and we like to change conventions, utilising our experience to deliver.