Adult Group Lessons

The Adult Tennis Program at Croydon Tennis Centre provides one of the most up to date programs in Sydney. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player you can be assured of the highest quality tennis coaching in all of the classes.

Our coaches are fully qualified and accredited. Enjoy the latest drills, innovative methods, games and individual attention.

Group Tennis Lessons are structured to achieve technical as well as tactical competencies. Take your game to the next level!

With 4 players per coach your tennis will improve from lesson to lesson. Participants are sorted into groups according to their ability to assure the maximum benefit from doing the Tennis program. All classes have ITN reference. Please, check your ITN.


TERM                         Term 1 2023
Start Friday 27th January 2023
Ends Friday 7th April 2023


TERM                       Term 2 2022
Start Tuesday 26th April 2022
Ends Sunday 3rd July 2022


TERM                            Term 3 2022
Start  Monday 18th July 2022
Ends Friday 23rd September 2022
TERM                              Term 4 2022
Start Monday 10th October 2022
Ends Tuesday 20th December 2022



04 players per lesson


06 players per lesson (subject to demand)


$300 / 10 week term (members only)  $270 / 10 week term (non members)
$330 / 10 week term (non members)  $228 / 10 week term (members only)
Please, contact us for term bookings 
$37.50/ casual session (members) $28/ casual session (members)
$42/ casual session (non members) $30/ casual session (non members)

Racquet Hire: $10.00 / FREE Members : Enquire at the office

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Intermediate Group Classes


Advanced Intermediate Group Classes


Advanced Group Classes


CANCELLATION POLICY - Group & Private Lessons

CTC and FSS are under no obligation to make-up missed or cancelled lessons.

CTC and FSS reserve the right to limit make-up lessons to 2 per term.

Make Up lessons will only be issued in the event of illness and under the following guidelines:-

  1. Term fees are paid in full;
  2. 24 hours prior notice by phone call and in writing to with a valid medical certificate produced before the following class attendance. Failure to give such notice will result in 100% of the lesson fee being payable.
  3. Only where a vacancy exists;
  4. Where a student has not exceeded their maximum of 2 makeup lesson per term;

These sessions cannot be credited or deducted from fees and it is your obligation to attend the rescheduled make-up lesson time advised.

Make up lessons can be booked from week 3 of term, subject to availability and will not be carried forward to the next term.

When booking a make-up lesson please ensure that the time is suitable. Once booked, a make-up lesson cannot be changed.

A $50 administration fee for all term cancellations.

Exceptions will not be made so we kindly ask that you adhere to the policy to avoid disappointment of refusal.