Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Anyone social tennis has been developed to provide an organised game of social tennis for those who do not have a tennis partner, are new in town or single.

Check Your Standard - What's Your ITN?

Beginner - Intermediate  (ITN 8 - 10.3)

                     Intermediate - Advanced  (ITN 4 - 7)

Tennis Anyone Social Tennis is suitable for all players, with a variety of levels available. Please contact Croydon Tennis Centre for more information or book online below. To ensure that there is something for everyone, we run 2 different formats - Singles Only & Singles + Doubles

Cost (per session)

Doubles - 90 minutes duration

$21:00 (non members)

$18:00 (members)

Singles - 90 minutes duration

$21:00 (non members)

$18:00 (members)

Singles Only - 2 hours duration (Intermediate - Advanced ONLY*)

$28.50 (non members)

$25 (members)


Racquet Hire: $5.00 / FREE Members

*Singles ONLY night is reserved for experienced players with the ITN rating of minimum 7. This player should be able to maintain a rally of at least 10 shots, be able to play topspin on both forehand and backhand, be able to control first and second serve with some amount of spin.


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Beginner - Intermediate (ITN 8 - 10.3)


Intermediate - Advanced (ITN 4 - 7)





24 hours (or more) notice prior to the session is required. If we receive 24 hours notice (or more , you will be issued a session credit to your account (Croydon Tennis Centre Account, NOT Bank Account OR Credit Card) for future use of our services. In the case of wet weather we notify all participants and issue a session credit to your account. If you presume that a session is cancelled due to wet weather without notification from Croydon Tennis Centre, you forfeit your fees for the session.



Junior Tennis Events

Croydon Tennis Centre would like to give the opportunity to young players at competing in a tournament environment. There will be 4 Hot Shots events run annually, open to all Croydon Tennis Centre players as well as players from other centres and clubs providing a chance to compare skills against other players. Tournaments will be available for all Red, Orange and Green level.

COST: $30/ non-members*

           $25/ members*


Duration (approximately):

Red - 9 - 11 AM

Orange - 10 AM - 12 PM

Green - 10 AM - 12 PM

*in the event of cancellation, a substitute date will be offered. All entries are non-refundable

Adult Tennis Event

Round Robin Tennis Tournaments are open to all players (ability to serve and rally is a must).  All players will be sorted according to their ability.  We run both Singles and Doubles event.  In our Doubles event you need to have a partner and the Doubles entry fee is per team.

Singles & Doubles Events:

Duration : 9 AM - 1 PM


 - Fully Organized Event

 - New Tennis Balls

 - Trophies

 - BBQ lunch

 - Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine


COST: $60/ non-members

           $55/ members


Please, check your ITN...


See below for the Full List of Events at Croydon Tennis Centre