Are you a working parent who finds it hard to get your children to extracurricular activities, you feel the day is so busy and you're missing quality time with your child? Look no further we have it all! 

We understand how precious each child is, and how hard it can be to spend time away from them. Rest assured that when your child is in our care they will experience a safe, fun, engaging and quality program in which the time passes quickly. 

Every one of our team members is committed to making kids smile. Whether it is their first day or one of their regular visits, we do our best to make your child smile, so don’t be surprised when they want to stay longer.

The Before School and After School service will provide breakfast and afternoon tea for the children each day, and for children requiring care a little longer a dinner option can be organised.

Vacation Care options will include:-

  • A full meal plan of breakfast,
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea and
  • Dinner at an additional cost

We will have a range of free play activities such as art and craft, science activities, outdoor sports, and much more. These activities will be organised to meet children’s interests and extend on their skills and knowledge.

In addition to our program we have additional optional offerings available including  Swimming lessons, Tennis lessons, Tutoring and coding Classes just to name a few.

Our service opening hours will be:

Before School Care  6:30AM – 9AM

After School Care  2:30PM – 7 PM

Vacation Care 7AM – 7PM 

Our centre offers an out of school program with a difference. We offer school pick up, longer hours, breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, dinner and during the school holidays lunch as well.  

We also offer daily specialised assistance with homework and after that the fun begins lots of free play activities plus.

The service is operated daily by qualified staff members.  We offer a program each term that is stimulating, interesting and exciting, but also allows time for children to direct their own activities. 

To register your interest please contact our office staff on 9747 4259 or send an email through to