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Orange 8 - 12 years old

For orange participants, one tennis lesson a week over two years will generally allow them to play on the orange court using the orange low compression ball and to develop most of the technical fundamentals and the use of topspin on most strokes. They will be able to play tennis socially at the intermediate to advanced level as an adult.

Our juniors can either progress to Orange level after having done several terms in Red stage or they can go straight into Orange level particularly if they wouldn't feel socially comfortable amongst younger participants. In this case groups are set up according to the level and you need to allow some time (1 - 2 terms) to become familiar with fundamentals which are otherwise attained in the Red stage.

Due to the complex nature of tennis and variety of skills that need to be trained, the Orange stage of junior development is divided into 2 levels.

Orange 1 competencies

  • Utilised movement around the court
  • Coordinated rotation
  • Effective use of non dominant armORANGE
  • Use of spin
  • Higher contact on serve

Orange 2 competencies

  • Specific footwork patterns
  • Refined stroke shapes with use of spin
  • Usage of depth of the court
  • Use of different grips
  • Tacticall awareness

1 class per week

Duration:- 60 minutes

Students per coach:- 6

2 classes per week                              

15% discount on 2nd group lesson


Cost - $250 / 10 week term (Non Members)  

Cost - $228 / 10 week term (Members) 

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