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Prep 3 - 5 years old

The central component of the preparatory tennis coaching program is developing a child's ability to engage their core strength to aid their balance, coordination, and agility.

Generally the prep tennis coaching program brings children to a level above average and provides a solid foundation for those wishing to see early advancements in athletic ability.

When enrolling for one tennis lesson per week we recommend two years in the prep  tennis program, when children start at the age of 3, and up to one year when they start at the age of 4 or 5.



  • Balance, posture
  • Simple movement patterns
  • Simple racquet and ball skills
  • Learning, listening, copying
  • Independent work
  • Team work

1 class per week

Duration:- 30 minutes

Students per coach:- 4

2 classes per week

15% discount on 2nd group lesson

Cost - $185 / 10 week term  (non members)   

Cost - $169 / 10 week term (members)

To become a member (child has to be entered

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