Red Explore

Red 5 - 8 years old

One tennis lesson per week for approximately two years from the age of 5 will generally produce a competent red court player. Your child will be able to use an overhead serve to initiate a rally and consistently hold rallies of 10 shots in length.

Due to the complex nature of tennis and the variety of skills that need to be taught, the Red stage of junior development is divided into 3 levels.

Red 1 competencies

  • Movement in different directions
  • Balance
  • Ability to throw, catch and hit
  • Simple strokes
  • Basic scoring

Red 2 competencies

REDMore coordinated movement

Better control of the ball in small space

  • Rallying in small space
  • Basic positioning

Red 3 competencies

  • Coordinated movement in different directions
  • Static/ dynamic balance
  • Consistent contact point in front of the body
  • Simple coordinated serve
  • Scoring, rules and basic tactical awareness

1 class per week

Duration:- 60 minutes

Students per coach:- 6

2 classes per week                              

10% discount on 2nd group lesson


Cost - $276 / 10 week term (Non Members)  

Cost - $251 / 10 week term (Members) 

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